How can I support my cause in a sustainable way without affecting my lifestyle?


Several forms of planned bequest :

Will donation

After ensuring the well-being of your loved ones, a will donation is an accessible form to donate money and tangibles like art, coins or collectables.

Life insurance policy donation

This form of gift allows you to take advantage of estate tax benefits while protecting the estate of your heirs.

Real estate donation

You can donate a real estate asset today and continue to enjoy the use of it until your passing.

Charitable gift annuity or trust

This form of donation ensures the donor continues to benefit from a guaranteed income for the duration of their life or specified period followed by the transfer of funds to a charitable organization.

An endowment fund

This type of donation allows for a perpetual gift. You may designate the fund in honor or in memory of an organization or a person.

In all cases, tax benefits apply. In most cases, your heirs will benefit from a tax liability reduction.

In other words, instead of paying taxes, support a cause that is important to you!

The more planned and structured your donations are, the more profitable they will be!

For more information, contact a local legal or financial advisor :